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School Pranks

Each school prank I read about is more outlandish than the last.  The last was a bright star that tossed pails of marbles in the school hall way just before end of class.  Then he let loose thousands of large roaches.  When the classes let out, students were falling and trampling each other to avoid the roaches.  When they fell on the marbles panic ensued.  Now they were on the floor with the roaches crawling on them.  The prank just before that one that got publicized was with just the use of marbles.  What's next?  To out-do the roaches, how about snakes.

Then there was the bright star that took off her robe and made her graduation speech naked.  How proud her parents must have felt at the ceremony.  Isn't any one worried about what the next idiot will do to top that.

The solutions is so simple and would prevent that sort of thing from ever happening again.  Make the stupid bastard repeat the last school year.  And make sure to publicize the punishment.

Pulling False Fire Alarms

Recently there was a fire in a college dorm.  Some of the students actually hid in their rooms so as not to have to evacuate when the floor warden came knocking on their door.  They did this because some of our next generation, America's best, college students, have pulled false alarms so often in the past.  They usually occurred early in the AM.  When this real fire happened, some of the students that hid died.  Some of the floor wardens died or were burned because of the hesitation at some of the dorm rooms where the warden was sure someone was in there but did not answer the calls to evacuate.

It is clear to me the bright stars that pulled the false alarms in the past set this horrific cycle in motion.  I would try the SOB's as attempted murderers.  Not just a threat but put them away.  I have a strong feeling there will little to none of this crap ever happening again.


First of all, Illegal Immigrants is a misnomer.  Your either an immigrant, i.e., legally processed, or an illegal alien, period.  Now as what to do with illegal aliens that give birth here:  If I were in charge I would deport you and the child as soon as you are able to walk.  Your child is not an American citizen because as an illegal you are not entitled to US citizen rights.  As for illegals that wanted to take their relative victims of a plane crash home to a Caribbean island, go ahead.  Why the hell did you risk coming here if you were not going to make this your home.  Your lucky I would let you leave with your relative, US laws should have arrested you.  Oh, and don't expect to come back unless you are volunteering to go to jail for the laws you broke coming here in the first place. 


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