I'm no longer ashamed of my educational level.  Justice Harry Anstead of Florida's Supreme Court has cured me of that.  I now know I am at least smarter than a Florida Supreme Court judge.  Justice Anstead posed a hypothetical question to the lawyer during the televised proceedings yesterday.  It was his effort to coerce the lawyer into saying there was not enough time to do recounts under certain circumstances.  He asked, "If five county election officials were guilty of gross criminal negligence in an election and then blatantly took off on a seven day vacation what would Secretary Harris do when they returned".  He posses a hypothetical question and then asks someone to know what some one else would do in that case.  Most frightening is he is going to formulate part of his decision on that stupid question.  Well Justice Anstead here is how I would have answered.  Secretary Harris has such sharp intuitive powers that she would have sensed the commission of the crime and would have had the FBI catch them at the airport before they left.  Then she would have done all she could within her powers as the Secretary of State of Florida.


I lived in Florida for ten years and never had trouble with the ballots.  I need answers to four nagging questions.  Wasn't the number of rejected votes in Palm Beach County the same as in the two previous Clinton elections?  What was Jessie Jackson doing in that county in the days before the election?  After Jessie's leading and hand holding voters to the polls they still are not smart enough to vote correctly. Should people led that way be allowed to vote in this country?  Finally, why did mainly Democrats have problems with the ballot format?

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