Every night before going to bed and saying his prays, he kicks himself in the butt for not running against President Bush.  Does anyone remember how, for months, Cuomo hedged on his decision to run for president in 1992 against Bush.  He began to look stupid with his stalling.

What he was doing was trying to see if Bush's popularity would fall enough where he could beat him in a race.   Bush's popularity was about the highest any predecessor had ever enjoyed.  The USA had reemphasized to the world that we are the leader in everything.

I pause here to emphasize that a candidate like Cuomo has only one shot at it.  If he skipped this chance and some other Democrat ran and won, his running mate VP selection, Cuomo would refuse if asked, would then run after the incumbent had his two terms, eight years.

So there's Cuomo's quagmire.  If he runs and loses, it's over.  If he skips this chance and some other Democrat wins, it's too many years until there is another republican, less popular than Bush, to run against.  At least 20 years.

The compromising solution.   Bush can't be beaten don't waste the try.  Put up a jerk, a schmuck, a pig, or "I never heard of him candidate" to run against Bush.  Then throw support behind this jerk to demonstrate the great team player he is.  Knowing this pig will not win.  Then when Bush, who will surely win, has finished his second and last term, Cuomo can surely win against Quayle, the then incumbent VP running for presidency.

"WELL KICK MY BUTT, I COULD HAVE WON" he must say to himself every night. The schmuck Clinton, and his wife of ice, convinced the country that they could solve our economic problems that we were experiencing at the time.

History now records, that in spite of what you think Bush said about the economy, his administration had and was throwing everything possible at it to turn it around.  It was not manifesting itself because it had become like a giant oil tanker trying to turn and we were in the beginning of a global economy system.  Global economies don't respond to the normal stimuli, we know that now.

Things started to manifest themselves right after the election, even before Clinton started feeling up his interns.   There was even some obvious suppression of data and statistics by our free news papers.

Bush got screwed by the very people he had put back on the world map.

Anyway, Cuomo could have been where Clinton is today.  Minus the sex stuff because Cuomo is to cold to have a libido.  Hey, it's bed time, bend over, it's time to kick myself.  "I COULD HAVE BEEN .........


This was a feedback from a young reader.  If just a handful of the current younger generation think
this way there is hope for America.

Friday, January 04, 2002

Dear Mr. [FeedBack],

I am writing to you in regards to your web page,, as to which I have been absolutely consumed in reading for the past hour. My name is [deleted]; I am a 21-year old ‘bum’. I am [deleted] grandson and she is always sending me your articles knowing that I read twenty papers a day, glue myself to CNN and frequent just about every news site daily! I am entering the United States Army on [deleted] basically because college didn’t work out and I do not know what else I want to do with my life. In all honesty, I must admit that if I knew what September 11 would bring, I would not have signed the contract in [deleted month]. However, being brought up in a patriotic family, I am ready and willing to do my civil duty and serve the country as a Combat Medic – an adventure that I am looking forward to and have a good feeling about.

Now that you know who I am, I will explain my theory of where the world went wrong. It all happened somewhere within the last three generations, at least within my small window to the world. At some point, children were able to convince their parents that they were too strict, too insensitive, and just plain mean while they were growing up. Therefore, when they had children of their own, they believed that they should let the child make life’s decisions for themselves. When those children grew up to be teenagers, they had the standard issue computer in their bedroom with access to all the information of the world – how to make bombs, potions, and even ‘practical jokes’ such as roaches and fire alarms, [a reference to commentary at this site]. Now those teenagers are in their 20’s and 30’s and drive BMW’s with their K-Mart issued drivers license and a cell phone glued to their ear. Work now comes before family, self-profit now comes before honor, and common sense is only given to those that will never abide by the intelligence it provides them.

On September 11 I sat in absolute horror, watching the television while surfing the net and getting as much information as possible. Ultimately my mind went to my great-grandmothers stories of WWI and the Great Depression, my Grandmothers stories of WWII and the day President Kennedy (the nation’s greatest leader, in my opinion) was assassinated, and my mother’s stories of the Vietnam War. My own memories of Desert Storm flashed back along with the constant notion that we should have finished the job we started. However, as fate does have it, America was brought together again. As sad as it is, I believe that this might be the turning point. This one incident might be enough for people to put family first, walk next door and across the street to talk with their neighbors, and utilize the brain that they were given – not the textbook that they read for a piece of collegiate paper.

And that my friend, is the summary of what is wrong with the world, what has happened and what the future might hold. Sooner or later, we must revert to common decency once more or we will no longer exist on this planet. It is time to remove certain web sites, censor movies, and teach the young persons of the country manners, for they are the ones in which the fate of the country lies. For those in their 20’s and 30’s, they will probably not change. However, if their children learn what our grandparents knew as common knowledge, than our future is a bright one. If not, I grimace at the horror that will continue on in the future.

Sir, keep on writing your articles. Regardless of whether or not the paper prints them or your web site gets over one million hits, it all starts with one person reading them – passing them on, and making a better future for generations to come.



Jesse Jackson wants equality.  Well here's how to get it:

1.   His career and livelihood should go down the drain for using the "H" word as mine would for using the "N" word.  Don't you love that we can't even write the word for fear of our lives going down the drain. When some "African Americans" call each other that, out loud, quite often.  Anyway, Jesse referred to New York City as Hyme town, in reference to Jews, publicly, several times.  Tell me mine wouldn't go down the drain for referring to a town as an "N" town just once in public.

2.   His income should be scrutinized just as mine is.

3.   Coercing companies, governments, and industries to hire people should land him in jail just as would happen to me.

4.   His purposely twisting the interpretation of statistics should be publicized to establish his real credibility.  Or, he should be arrested if his rhetoric incites riots.

Jesse Jackson will never be president, thanks to his beloved friend:

Clinton did not ask him to be his running mate for his first term.  This was Jesse's only chance to ever be the president of the USA.  First as a VP then as a president after Clinton's two terms.   Clinton new he had a slim chance to win the election and surely wouldn't if he alienated the Jewish voters.

Gore will not ask Jesse to be his running mate because he too has a slim chance.  So he'll opt for a woman and get at least all the "NOW" votes.

The republicans will have a woman running mate this next election.  Or will kidnap Powell before having Jesse, who has always aligned himself with the democrats.

Jesse as a public speaker.

I have friends that have heard him make speeches in person.  They say he is a great speaker.  He certainly has the experience.  I know I have a slight hearing problem, typical of growing older and some loud noises in the past.  However, I can't understand Jesse, especially when he sermons.  He sounds like he's under water or something.

The little I do hear usually angers me.  He misinterprets statistics or surveys.  He flip, flop, flips, his support or stand.  Ebonics, comes to mind.  Or Tawana Brawley.


I hate Mike.  I used to just dislike him.  He really doesn't sing much he's all flash, loud music, and jerky step routines.  The grabbing of his crotch with his gloved hand indicates his maturity level.  Or, maybe, his preferences.

I grew to hate him several years ago at the super bowl half time festivities.  Mike jumped out of a cocoon or something and stood there stiffly and motionless.  He stood there for a full FIVE minutes.  He intimidated the crowd to have to applaud and cheer, or the show would not go on.  Or in his case, start.

Not even the pope or my favorite president, has a right or deserves, to just stand there and suck up all the applauds with out the least bit of recognition and some gesture to please stop.

What's with this metamorphosis.  He's a successful black person and should be proud of it.   Instead he marries white women, changes all his features, and bleaches his skin white.

Mike has an enormous amount of money and can buy just about anything.  He can change everything around and on himself but he can't buy white. 


I find it humorous that Gore advisors estimated the added votes Gore will get because he named a Jewish person for his running mate.  I wonder
if those same people have estimated the number of votes that he will lose from closet anti-Semitic's.  Staunch Democrats will not admit that Gore
has lost their votes because of Lieberman.  I wonder if some Democrats will now for sure not vote for Gore coupling the Lieberman selection and
the Jewish inconsistencies with Hillary.
I was born and raised in Brooklyn.  The mere accusation that you said something anti-Semitic could cost you your career.  Three people have
sworn that Hillary made anti-Semitic statements. Half the Jews in NYC want her career to end, as expected.  The other half swear she didn't say
those things.  How do they know for sure?  What are the supporting Jews expecting from her if she wins the election?  For closet anti-Semitic's
two Jews running at the same time may be cause to vote against both.  It's very dangerous to say anything politically incorrect about Jews today.
But when the voting booth curtains close people do funny things.


I applaud the New Jersey Star Ledger June 20, 2000 article, "Proposal asks Congress to apologize for Slavery". Apologies should be made to African Americans for the sins of our forefathers. Jesse Jackson should support the congressional proposal. Also to be applauded was an article on June 28, 2000 and the previous nights 60 minutes TV show which exposed the best opportunity for Jesse Jackson to help the black people of the world and not just in the USA.

First he should support the congressional proposal to apologize to the African Americans for slavery. Then he should go to Africa and apologize, to the local folks, for the tribal leaders that rounded up citizens and bartered them to the slave traders. He should seize on the opportunity to inform them that 72% of all the people on earth with HIV are in Africa. Tell them that most of the starving infected children we see on TV in the evening news are the result of rape, incest, old tribal traditions, or down right inconsiderate men. The women are not to blame. Condoms won't work because these types of men don't want any interference with spontaneity or their pleasure. 

What is needed is temporary, under the skin, birth control for the women. It should be fairly applied only to women after they have had two infected starving children. When they are capable of supporting, or desirous, of more children the birth control can be removed or allowed to dissipate naturally. Jessie's wife could speak to the women and assure them that it is not their fault. That the birth control will not hurt them or deprive them of additional children when they are capable, or desirous, of them. 

With that the Jackson's would gain world recognition, admiration, and support.

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