Al is able to get away with things no one else can.  He says things that are not true and doesn't have to prove it. He makes personal attacks on people when he criticizes them.  Or, he does things that most of us would go to jail for.  I am a believer that external stimuli can influence your dreams.  For some, what one is thinking about just before falling asleep can set the stage for subsequent dreams.  The other night I was angry and thinking about some outlandish statements by Al on the late night news.   I had the following frightening nightmare:

I suddenly found myself face to face with Al.  I heard myself saying profound things as follows:  Al you are an obese slob with a woman's coiffure.  You have as much jewelry on you as a street vendors stand selling fake gold chains.  The new three piece suit wardrobe does not make you a Martin L. King.

Your mere presence at a scene of some conflict destroys any credibility for the plaintiff.  Some plaintiffs have even asked you not to get involved.  Since there is no record of how you make an income I assume that being listed as a reverend allows you to receive donations to pay for your jewelry and coiffure.

I was born and raised in NYC and am ashamed that current residents would even let you think of entertaining running for any public office.  You knew that Tawana Brawley was a hoax.  You perpetuated it for your own profit.  At, I must add, a detriment to the black movement.  Now when you show up at an event many feel it's just another Sharpeton hoax.

Dragging the Diallo parents around the country for your benefit is shameful.  Al, your no Martin L. King.   Even your voice annoys me.  You know that the shooting was a dumb stupid mistake, but not a murder.  However, you are determined to destroy the NYC police department and set the black movement back some more. 

Suddenly I was in a class room and you were teaching science or something.  Just as you said the sky is blue the school buzzer startled me.  I awoke and it was my alarm clock buzzer.  Proof that external stimuli can influence dreams.  I realized the whole thing was a nightmare.   However, I no longer believe the sky is blue.


Bradley didn't wait long enough, to come out of retirement, for me to forget what he did during the LA riots.  He demonstrated that he doesn't have the class to be president.  If it's possible you don't remember what happened I'll refresh your memory.

A large bunch of hooligans, looking for any excuse to riot and loot, used their dissatisfaction with the trial juries decision of the officers that beat Rodney king, to riot.  In fact, word was out, they were going to riot either way.  If it went the other way, and the officers were found guilty, they would have called it a celebration riot.

It was known at the time, and Rodney has confirmed it several times since, that he is a law breaker, woman beater and druggie.  He was so high on drugs that fateful night that he could hardly feel the cops beating on him.  That's why he continued to try and get up and they continued to try and keep him down so to cuff and arrest him.

Well right in the middle of those riots Bill Bradley said the president should go to LA, amongst the rioters, and speak to them.   Bill was getting himself some camera time.  Of course the media gave him the exposure because what he said would cause sensationalism and feed the press' need to create stories.  I feel it also encouraged the rioters and gave what they were doing  some credibility.

Now Bill damn well knows that sending the president amongst rioters would be obviously wrong, incredibly stupid, insane, in addition to non strategic.  He, of course, would have gone, because he is not afraid of action.  He joined the Air Force Reserves during the Vietnam War.  The Air Force accepted inductees into their reserves only after a person was already a veteran. But Bill got in anyway without the prerequisite.  I really don't think it was because he played bounce the big brown ball.

To me Bill demonstrated the worst kind of politician.  One that will put peoples lives in harms way or capitalize on public hysteria to further his ambition.  I am ashamed he selected my town to live in.  Bill Bradley is not a Rhodes Scholar, he is a rogue politician.


It seemed, at times, that I was the only one strongly voicing an opinion about New York City's social promotion philosophy. I was born and raised in NYC. I also had all the potential and exposure to go bad. Getting in trouble with the law was a no no because of the shame it would cause the family. Using drugs would never happen, the reasons could be another commentary. Getting "left back", the converse of social promotion, kept me from failing at school. I am not very bright and write probably average, but I am better than I would have been had there been an opportunity for social promotion in my time.
It started with brand new psychology graduates that said if you leave kids back they will grow up to …, a million things wrong that I can't even remember. The problem was no one challenged them. To this day when psychologists make statements no one challenges them. People are intimidated into thinking they are not smart enough to challenge. That's where my stupidity came in. I didn't know that you weren't supposed to question their credibility. I have survived my whole life with simple logic, so it would be normal for me to ask these bright stars, "how do you know how a child will grow up if they are left back"?
Whenever I tried to debate the well educated would say what do you know, your not a college grad or psychology major. I would say, "I am not comparing my scholastic skills with the alleged expert, I just want to understand, logically or mathematically, how their discovery was determined". Did they use a sufficiently large sample. Do they use a crystal ball and look at kids that were left back and see if they would become a better person if they were not left back. It was plain BS. And no one challenged them.
Now NYC has struck down social promotion. What happened, if those psychology majors were right, why isn't it true still. NYC has a habit of trying new things and waiting years before determining if it's a better idea. I call it experimenting with our children. The results of this experiment is a significantly large number of children from several generations that can't read, write, or do basic math. Worse yet, there are teachers now that don't have the basic skills. Teachers, and senior high school students, recently demonstrated against NYC imposing, "college entrance exams" in basic math, reading, and writing in the NYC colleges. Why!! 
Shame on you NYC citizens that didn't challenge this stupid idea, Shame on you NYC liberals. Shame on the politicians that did this to appease the minorities. Those that you appeased are now too stupid to vote. The whole worlds scholastic levels are rising and NYC's is falling. NYC colleges have become a hang out for unqualified teenagers wasting time, and tax payers money. But, boy can they socialize.


I feel that the media, movies, and TV portray most members of the Mafia as Italians. I think thatís racial profiling. Thatís the distorted Jackson and Sharpton politically correct stance. Now how I really feel: I am a first generation American from immigrant Italian parents and married to an Italian immigrant. Throughout history Italians have made enormous documented contributions to science, chemistry, music, art, food, engineering, science, etc. I feel each Mafia demerit over shadows a million Italian merits. 

If most of those Mafiosoís, with their stupid nick names, are Italian, then thatís profiling.  But not racial profiling. Jackson and Sharpton may have driven the last nail in the coffin that destroys effective crime warfare. 

My support for New Jersey profiling comes from years of reading news papers and watching the late night news and observing the perps with their heads down or covered. Also knowledge of the Federal statistics on crime profiling.


There will never be a ratified equal rights amendment, ERA, for women, as long as we Americans have the all or nothing mentality.  There are thick heads that say, "if women want equal rights then they should be in the fox hole like men", or other dumb statements.  First a level set and my beliefs:  Women are special.  Nature gave them some unfair problems, like monthly periods, and the responsibility to keep order in the world.  Not just morals, but the keeper of etiquette and grace. I don't consider that they are physically weaker or more sensitive than men a negative or a problem. Those attributes are what make them special.  Please note, my comparisons are the average woman and the average man.  Not roller derby queens that can surely beat me and many other men up.

An example would be that the ERA should simply state that it is unconstitutional for women to be discriminated against for jobs that they are qualified for.  That includes pay.  They should be restricted from jobs that nature meant them to be excluded from.  Jobs that require brute strength like firemen, policemen, and soldiers.  They don't belong on mixed gender football or baseball teams.  That doesn't mean they can't be in those professions in administration, support, etc. positions.

For the NOW organization, let me remind them that they never took a stand against accepted examples of my philosophy:  Women tennis matches are three out of five, men are four out of seven.  In marathons the men take off first so they won't run over the women that are slower.  Men have more muscle mass, women are softer and gentler.

If men would stop feeling threatened by women and get off their all or nothing kick, maybe they could put women back on the pedestals they once enjoyed.  Women should stop trying to compete with men and resume their role of keeping morals in check.  I know it is unfair for women to be strapped with that responsibility.  Maybe God repays them somehow in the after life.  Hey, what's the alternative.  The continuing decline of morals?  More battered women?  By the way, most men don't like women that can out curse a truck driver, even though they say they don't mind.  They won't bring her home to meet Momma.

As for the fake frauds in NOW.  If they really wanted to elevate women's status then they should go after the pornography industry.  Women are mistreated, both physically and sexually.  Ejaculated on and degraded.  Hey, start with the internet, that's where the new generation of boys get there impression of how to treat women.  Start with the following site where  women are not treated equal.  .


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