This is a reprint of an editorial from a very special person.  I would like to preface it with a few words.   I was caught between the birth of R&R and the big band era. My mate, now my wife, and I chose to keep most of the big band music and dances and add some R&R so that we wouldn't have to walk off the dance floor every other dance. That problem has been solved the last 10 to 15 years. Bands just don't play anything we can dance to anymore.

What I remember of this persons era was young people going out Friday and Saturday nights to the dance spots in NYC. I remember my brother coming home with new 78 records and practicing dances.   Did you know the 78 rpm. records had the type of dance printed on them, e.g., Fox Trot, Waltz.  That's how my wife and I taught our selves. We bought the Arthur Murray do it yourself book and used the Fox Trot records. I remember the song, can you believe that, it was Gotta Get A Girl.

The original editorial follows:


My wife and I span many years, including the wonderful big band era.  Those of us old enough to have lived and experienced it, will never forget it. The music was captivating, with tunes such as, Ellington's, Sophisticated Lady, Jimmy Dorsey's, So Rare, Goodman's, Stomping At The Savoy and Harry James sweet trumpet rendition of, You Made Me Love You. I'll always remember, Major Glenn Miller's wonderful music, beamed to us, as we flew to our bombing targets over Japan. 

Neighborhood dance halls, played great music, where you could perform the many dances that prevailed. The singers and their songs will live forever. Songs like, Perry Como's, Prisoner Of Love, the Mills Brothers, Paper Doll and Lazy River, King Cole's, Mona Lisa and Pretend, Johnny Ray's, Walking In The Rain, Billy Eckstine's, I Apologize, Frankie Laine's, Jezebel, Stardust by Carmichael, Tony Martin's, I Get Ideas, Andrew Sisters, Beer Barrel Polka, the Helen O'Connel, Eberly Classics, Amapola, Tangerine and Green Eyes and the many Frank Sinatra hits.

Fortunately, we can still hear some of the music, and experience it's mystical power, to briefly alleviate the problems of old age. Each tune, carrying us back in time, to when we were teenagers and to a very specific place and moment in our lives. There's no known drug today, capable of duplicating the euphoria you would experience, listening to those big bands and their singers, belting out your favorite tune. They were great times, great music and it's so sad that it's gone.


This is a reprint of an editorial from a very special person.

After watching the house judiciary committee proceedings on TV, I have come away with a new understanding of politicians. I now believe that the prerequisites required to become a good politician are, hypocrisy, the ability to venomously condemn others for doing things you are guilty of doing yourself and the ability to twist the truth and convincingly and eloquently lie about anything and every thing at a moment's notice.  Some of the significant things that were evident during the hearings, were:

1. Chairman Henry Hyde has a severe prostrate problem, as witnessed by the  number of times the camera caught him going to the men's room.

2. The number of Republican adulterers clearly out numbered the Democrats  by a ratio of 4 to 1.

3. The Republican adulterers were all good guys, since they didn't get an opportunity to lie about it under oath.

4. We all lie, as did the entire judiciary committee, when they all said they would make their determinations, using their conscience as a guide, and then voted along party lines.

5. The Starr report revealed the president's detailed intimate sexual indiscretions and the Republicans only saw the president lying under oath.

6. While the president was being impeached for lying about his sexual improprieties, republican Bob Livingston was given a standing ovation, for not lying about his.

7. The republicans successfully impeached the president and watched his approval rating soar, while theirs declined by 10 points.

8. The Republicans better be careful, If they win another battle, the public may insist on an amendment to the constitution, that will permit the president to run for a third term.

9. Republican representative Tom Delay (the hammer) wants the President removed from office for lying under oath, yet voted not to reprimand or fine fellow republican Gingrich for doing the same thing.

10. We could define the word hypocrite with a picture of Republican Dan Burton, who called the President a scumbag on TV, and one of Clinton's most self-righteous critics, turns out not only to have committed adultery, and have an illegitimate child, but to have raised money from foreign sources for his own election as well.


This is the sixth time Darryl has been in trouble for alcohol or drugs. If he ever plays again it will be pure, unadulterated, stupid, precedent setting, political pandering. I don't care about his operation. He was a woman beating, gun brandishing, booze and drug head before his operation. I await with great anticipation that possible stupid statement "he is banned for life and can reapply in one year". Then when he plays his first game there will be a standing ovation. I could live with that if just one of those wannabes could tell me why he is standing and giving him an ovation. I have given up trying to point out what a terrible role model example he sets for the kids that worship him. Instead I have come up with a solution. It will set an example for the other overpaid, spitting, temper tantrum throwing, immature sport figures. If you violate drug, liquor, or spousal beating rules, your career is over. I bet you will see less of this crap. Just string his press statements after each of the six episodes together for an example of this great sport star.


The New Jersey Star Ledger had an article about whether there is a need anymore for circumcision of babies.  Of course the article didn't really answer the question.  The following was an editorial in response to it.

The AP Circumcision article in the Tuesday 01/11/00 Star Ledger newspaper states the few, if any, modern day benefits of  male circumcision.  However it left out four important points. The custom  was started by a group with a sanitary problem. It is perpetuated to this day for doctor or  Moyel Rabbi income.  Finally there is covert pressure by women to continue with the practice, and I sympathize  with them.  That is to help them offset the design error by nature and slow down inconsiderate minute men.  


The following was in response to a New Jersey Star Ledger "Speak Out" article about the Diallo trial of the four NYC policemen that shot him.   The writer was criticizing the prosecutor for loosing the case.  However the Ledger did not print any "speak Outs" or editorials that implied that maybe there was no case to start with.  The most amusing point about the article was the writer was black and he was criticizing a black prosecutor.  He uses the phrase racist taint.  The only racist taint just might be why the trial was staged in the first place.

The response:  I think you do your readers a disservice and violate your charter to print all opinions when you print one sided Speak Ups like Lloyd Williams' March 9th Speaking Up "Diallo case testifies to legal system's racist taint". You perpetuate the wide spread feeling that only blacks have freedom of speech. Whites expressing their thoughts are racist or bigots. You don't seem to appreciate how it adds to the quite anger that is festering deeper and deeper. Williams criticized the Bronx prosecutor for not getting a murder conviction.  What he didn't tell the readers is that the prosecutor was black and there have been numerous published accounts of his mistakes and inferior legal skills. To appease the Charpetons and Jacksons he accused the policemen of murder. If there were any crime that they could possible be guilty of it would have been malpractice. He didn't question them at the trial because he is inept. Williams didn't tell the readers that the prosecutor was a typical case of, and always denied, set asides, quotas, and preferential treatment, also known as Affirmative Action. That Bronx prosecutor epitomizes the act of racial profiling.


The following was an editorial submitted to the New Jersey Star Ledger.  It was the first reevaluation of racial profiling on the Jersey Turnpike after the new, non racial profiled, appointment of the black state police chief.  The same state officials analyzed the before and after statistics!!

Your paper continues to print politically correct comments. Might you try some thing logically correct just once? On May 4th your front page headline was "Turnpike minority arrests still high" The sub heading was "Amid war on profiling, 65% of those charged by troopers are nonwhite". In the article you quote "State officials cautioned against reading too much into the statistics". Funny there was a different attitude about almost the same statistic when the media went on a politically correct campaign touting "Racial profiling". In the article Jesse Jackson said it is troubling that the state is made up of 20% minorities but 40% of the arrests are minorities. His logic implies the numbers should be the same. Troopers are paranoid about stopping minorities. It is rumored they have let some go on simple offenses rather than draw suspicion. Therefore is it possibly logically correct that most of the offenses on the turnpike are caused by minorities. And no amount of pressure on the troopers or pressure to say the politically correct thing will change that.


This was an editorial the day after the FBI raid on that house in Miami to rescue Elian.

I was told I was negative when I felt that honeymoon couple in NYC was faking when they claimed they had been robed and NY donated money. They turned out to be lying.  I was called prejudice when I said there is no way that boy could have walked from South America to NY to be with his Daddy.  He really ripped off NYC with that one, another lie.  Now the picture of the fisherman holding Elian, in the closet, is the last straw. When I saw the pictures of Elian after he was rescued I said no way he could have been in that good a shape, much less survived several days alone on the high seas. It was to close to a miracle that a strange fisherman just happened to see an inner tube floating in the middle of the ocean. Why haven't we heard anything about the other surviving woman? And now the complete stranger, the fisherman, was in the Elian house at 5AM months latter. I think this whole thing was an amateur plot, that went astray, for yet another illegal immigrant. The hero fisherman was part of it. I welcome any comments on the professional photographer in the house and at the ready at 5AM the day of the raid?

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