This problem will never be resolved. That is because the politicians are afraid to speak to the Black caucuses and Black leaders. They know the discussions will not go the way the Blacks are hoping for. I listened carefully to the comments by the Black football players as to why they are taking a knee and the social issues, and disparity they want to talk about. The first is that they are more likely to be stopped by police than white people. Blacks commit a disproportion amount of crimes. So if a crime is committed by a Black, police will be looking for a Black that fits the description. If a crime is committed in a Black neighborhood, which logically translates too few Whites living there, the police will be looking for a Black that fits the description.

Based on FBI statistics for 2016 there were 9,374 murders & non-negligent manslaughter arrests in the US. Of these, Black arrests accounted for 4,935 or 53% of the total. Blacks are 12.3% of the population, but account for 53% of the arrests for murders. Or, there were 76,267 Robberies. Of these Black arrests accounted for 41,562 or 54% of the total. That's disparity.

This police brutality is isolated and exaggerated way out of proportion. The exaggeration seems orchestrated. Racism is used almost in every sentence and every discussion these days.

The next comment I hear from the football players taking a knee is disparity in school opportunities. I cannot comprehend that comment! We have been busing kids across towns since the sixties to distribute them into all neighborhoods and schools. That destroyed the trend of people purchasing homes near a school for their children. Even Black mothers have complained about that. After 50 years of affirmative action schools have set up quotas for Blacks disproportionate to Whites. They have lowered entrance qualifications for Blacks. Some Blacks chastise others for trying to do well in school. Blacks are given preferential treatment before Asians and people with a higher aptitude score are being bypassed. There are Black only schools. Still the Blacks are disproportionately more likely to drop out or not go on to college.

Next it’s job opportunities. Again, 50 years of affirmative action gave us set asides, quotas, preferences, lowering standards, and many more special treatment for Blacks. With disproportionate amount of dropouts in schools, Blacks have a harder time meeting job and skill requirements.

The Media and Liberals make the Blacks look like they are 50% of the population. They are 13% of the population. Depicted another way, if there are eight people in a group we should only expect to see one Black. Yet the media, the press, and liberals create a 50% image in commercials, movies, TV shows, committees, etc. If there are more than two people or actors in an entity there must be a Black. That’s disparity!

Music awards. RAP has been added to the music awards program. In all recorded time any vocal can be played as an instrumental. With RAP, taking out the words leaves just an incessant repetitive drum beat. Then there's the pornographic words, degradation of women, and crotch grabbing. That's not music, that's garbage and music disparity!

Fifty years of affirmative action and the Black demographics have hardly changed. Most of the single mother families, fatherless children, families with children from different men, a disproportionate amount of crimes, a disproportionate amount of druggies, disproportionate amount of prison population, and multiple generations that have never worked and are on welfare are all Black demographic disparities.

Our welfare system, controlled by Democrats, perpetuates these demographics. This current wave of unrest amongst Blacks started with the totally false “Hands up don’t shoot” movement followed by the “Black lives matter” movement and their chant “What do we want? DEAD COPS! When do we want it? NOW!” This increase of tension sure seems orchestrated and is setting back years of Black accomplishments and their movement.

I fear people will become desensitized to the real problems with this incessant rant of racism. This problem will never end until the Black demographics change and they have leaders that really want to improve Black and White relations and improve the Black demographics.


Here we go again. A man makes a great speech and he is immediately declared presidential material. A woman makes a great speech and she is immediately declared presidential material. I wrote an op-ed published in the News-Press about the only unique and realistic plan for immigration. Readers wrote in praising the op-ed. Two were published in that newspaper. One started with “WOW.” The op-ed has since been published on the website.

Does that make me presidential material? Of course not. President Trump did not make any great speeches before election that I can remember. However, it is what he pledged to do for the USA that make him presidential material. Please let’s wait until Oprah and others inform us of what they plan to do for the USA.


First, to complete the Democratic agreement, in 1986, to build a wall if President Regan would support amnesty for over three million illegals. That happened and the wall was not built.

Next to prevent another wave of Dreamers. To prevent the next group of Daca’s. And finally to prevent another horde of illegals after this next amnesty of 15 million illegals.

If not then, or if not this time, then when?


There will be ramifications of the new tax bill. The repatriation of oversea funds will increase Federal revenue. Lower tax breaks for companies, large and small, will result in company growth and employment. Both increase Federal revenue. Employees will spend their reduced taxes and grow the economy directly and indirectly increasing Federal revenue. Companies will raise wages that raises Federal revenue. Foreign companies will migrate here that will increase Federal revenue by all the same reasons as above. Encouraging other nations to pay their fair share in all international entities, e.g., NATO and the UN, will increase Federal revenues indirectly by less contributions by the US.

The expression bantered about by the Democrats that this tax break will raise the debt by 1.5 trillion over ten years is comical to me. Obama raised the debt on average more than that each of his eight years in office. The increased revenue in just the first year or two will exceed the 1.5 trillion.

Some amount of the new revenue stream will be used to reduce our debt. The Republicans can campaign in the 2020 election season that they plan to reduce taxes in 2020 and start this process all over again. I predict that you will have heard this first in this editorial.


Every time there’s a conversation about illegal aliens, Democrats say we can’t have that conversation until there’s immigration reform. Let’s see if I can guess what is wrong with our immigration policy and what the Democrats want to reform.

 Quotas for countries should be changed to less from third world countries and more from Europe. Stop allowing immigrants bringing in extended family members that go on welfare or receive SS checks if they are over 65. The Dreamers and DACA aliens, if granted amnesty, should not get citizenship before all the existing people on line, going through the process, and waiting period.

Stop using the terms illegal immigrant and undocumented immigrant as synonyms for illegal aliens. Deny any illegal alien that crosses our boarders a path to citizenship. Refugees from foreign countries should not be brought here. They should be placed in camps in or near their own country, with UN provided safe zones, until they can be repatriated?

We should not bring in immigrants from countries that consider us their enemy or the US has designated a terrorist nation. We should vet all people seeking immigration. Applicants should have skills that would enable them to earn a living here. Applicants from families of existing immigrates should be sponsored to avoid welfare or entitlements as was done in the 18&19 hundreds.


California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, signed a new law to lessen prison sentences for those convicted of a crime with a gun — on the grounds that such laws are hardest on minorities.

If I were from outer space I probably would say, “It seems logically correct to then assume most of the gun crimes are committed by minorities.” Then I would ask, “Is the earth better a place if crime deterrents are removed or diminished?”


Four things to currently consider:
One, DACA may have been created so as to make it impossible to deport the parents and relatives of the DACA person, even murderers.
Two, with states going gender neutral or you are whatever you want or claim to be, when the first responders say women and children first, can a person with the anatomy of a man say "I am a woman?"
Three, is this removal of all Civil War related items choreographed to keep the unrest of African Americas ongoing and then leading to reparations?
Four, does everyone realize what happens if you change a street name? Your address appears on driving licenses, auto registrations, home insurance, flood insurance, checks, bank accounts, life insurance, Social Security information, pension checks, wills, trusts, and probably a million other things. All this, once again, for a miniscule group of people that have demanded changes to street names of civil war generals.

GOOGLE STOPPING FREE SPEECH                       

I boil because of  the tech company’s hypocritical stand on free speech. Google, with its new stand on bad internet sites and speech, is so hypocritical my head is exploding. Anyone, including kids, can go on the internet and find porno stuff. Any search argument with any imagination will work. I tried to find a search statement with simple words that their filter should stop. For example, use Google and search on “women having sex with a horse” and try to understand how that is not blocked but asking questions about what happened in Charlottesville is?


Am I the only one that believes that ISIS has choreographed and orchestrated the refugee crisis? Thus, hasten their caliphate to spread Islam throughout the world. Or, might they be encouraging it?


All this talk about how we are a country of immigrants. So we should take in all the refugees. The operative word here is refugee not immigrant. Immigrants that migrated here wanted to become Americans and helped build America.

Am I the only one that understands UN means United Nations? Aren’t the united nation countries supposed to come to the aid of nations in trouble? In the current refugee situation they should be building safe zones in the respective countries or next door providing no fly zones. Then when the crisis is over the refugees can be repatriated. Not spread all around the world to doom them to welfare, homelessness, and an environment that is not their heritage and ethnicity.

I truly believe that the advocates for taking more refugees is always the Democrats continuing to increase potential democratic voters and government entitlement dependents further cementing Democratic voters.


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