The frequency of mass shooters in the US is a miniscule amount of the potential. One must keep in mind that there are 330 million people in the US. If one percent of the population were potential shooters that would be 3.3 million people. If one thousandth of one percent were potential shooters that would be 3.300 thousand people. The sheer number of our population dictates the potential for a few evil people. As long as we donít confiscate all guns, which is an absolute impossibility, the above numbers are reality.

I am a gun owner. I believe there are additional things we can do to reduce the number of mass shootings. Looking at the problem logically, the following things can reduce the number of random shootings and/or, at least, the number of fatalities and casualties.

01. Large magazines are unnecessary except for security and military personnel.

02. Bump stocks, which in reality turn a semiautomatic into a fully automatic weapon, have no valid justification. The Bump stock even makes the weapon less controllable than a real automatic weapon, and should be outlawed. Automatic weapons are reserved for security and military personnel.

03. Transferring a gun, whether by a gun shop, gun show, or private owner should require a background check. Since gun shops already do this, so should all gun show retailers. No matter the expense, private owners should have to use the service of a gun shop for a background check, which must charge a reasonable fee.

04. Law enforcement agencies must report and submit to a central government database, any information deemed undesirable for personís seeking firearms. That source must include problem armed service personnel.

05. Medical services personnel should send information about patients that they deem to be physically unfit or psychological risks to the same database.

06. Only US citizens should be able to possess firearms.

07. All schools and places of worship should have an armed law enforcer on duty. School doors should be locked, to the outside, when classes begin. Only law enforcers will be responsible to allow entry.

08. Laws must be established, similar to the first aid laws, which exempt people from the tort system for trying to alert law enforcement of potential problems.

The de-sensitivity of the public by outrageous computer games, TV shows, and movies must stop. It is pointless to elaborate on the negative effects todayís alleged pop-music and music videos has on young people. Be realistic as to what constitutes free speech. People know in their hearts what is a violation of the spirit of our free speech laws.

Reverting back to the opening statement and numbers. There is no way to stop a sane person that follows all the rules and requirements listed above, then latter goes nuts, from becoming a mass shooter. We can only hope to see and report something before he or she takes action and report them. At least we can reduce the number of fatalities with the above changes.


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