I truly believe that thinking and acting only the "Politically Correct" way is dividing this country.   It is causing anger and hatred to fester.  Logically or morally correct decisions can solve our problems.  That of course, after we are at least able to talk about a problem.  And not be stifled by threat of being called a racist, bigot, chauvinist, or anti-Semite.

I have come to realize why older people become grouchy.  They see history being rewritten and can't do anything about it.    They see what illegal immigration is doing to this country and can't stop it.   They see what affirmative action, and it's synonym diversity, has and is causing, but can't speak for fear of being called a racist or bigot. 

For me I suffer from the above with the added frustration of seeing statistics twisted to depict something different than they logically would.  Or, statistics are being misinterpreted.  Polls, which can be really accurate, are drawn from groups not representative of the USA, purposely skewing the results.  I see the press increasingly creating news, not reporting news.  People are paranoid about doing, or saying, the politically correct thing instead of the logical or morally correct thing.  Finally, permissiveness has allowed morals to reach the lowest level ever.

We can not fix our problems if we can not talk about them.  If, in the process of discussing a problem, it highlights a particular group, we must accept that.  Then use our energies and resources to try and understand why that group is associated  with the particular problem.  Then we can and must fix that problem.

Therefore, older people are not really grouchy, they are terribly frustrated, and in my case, just about in a rage.  I feel the only way to help myself is to write editorials and commentaries.  It's an outlet, and hopefully, someone will read them.  Or, my greatest wish, others will emulate what I am doing and use the power of the internet to join together and stop this madness.  In the mean time I truly feel that this outlet will benefit my health.  At least I can pride myself that I tried to do something about it.

What gives me the right?:  My mother, father, and wife, legal immigrants, participated in the growth of this country.  My father fought in the first world war for the USA.  Two of my brothers fought in the second world war for the USA.  Another brother fought in the Korean war for the USA.  I was in the military service for five years, fortunately/unfortunately, between conflicts.   One brother worked his whole adult life as a civil servant.  I am a native American.  One, because I was born here, two, because I have contributed.  Yes, my ancestors migrated here, just as American Indian ancestors migrated here.  I have never been in jail, never been out of work, and have never even seen drugs.

God, help me.  God, protect my family.

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